Our Reluctance (We cannot Impress God)

Max Lucado

August 22, 2014


Perhaps the most amazing response to God’s gift is our reluctance to accept it. We feel better if we earn it. So we create religious hoops and hop through them—making God a trainer, us his pets, and religion a circus.

Barb 96

If only, when God smiles and says we are saved, we’d salute him, thank him, and live like those who’ve just received a gift from the commander in chief. We seldom do that, though. To accept grace is to admit failure. We opt to impress God with how good we are rather than confessing how great he is. We dizzy ourselves with doctrine.  Burden ourselves with rules. We think that God will smile on our efforts. But He doesn’t. God’s smile is not for the healthy hiker who boasts that he made the journey alone. It is, instead, for the crippled leper who begs God for a back on which to ride!

From In the Eye of the Storm

If We Do the Possible, God Will Do the Impossible”

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God’s warning to (Abraham) those harming Israel.

Genesis 12:3English Standard Version (ESV)

3 I will bless those who bless you, and him who dishonors you I will curse, and in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed.”

Barb 70


If We Do the Possible, God Will Do the Impossible”

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Hezbollah uses Mexican drug routes into U S

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Scarborough: Dems Say Privately Obama Is Invisible, Not A Leader

Joe Scarborough: “I have got to clear this up. Mika heard two days ago on Capitol Hill Democrats all saying the same thing. And that is, this president has been invisible, he is not a leader. They said this all behind closed doors. Democratic leaders, Democratic rank-and-file. In fact, 40, 50 of the most powerful Democrats on the Hill. I will just stop right there. The complaints were all the same. The president has vanished. He has left us here alone again like he did with health care. Where is he? Now, they didn’t call him a loser, but they sure as hell didn’t call him a leader.”

We Are Winning Our Great Country Back!!!

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Marco Rubio Says “Save The Country” & John Kerry Questions him

Listen to Marco Rubio put John Kerry in his place when Kerry challenges Rubio on the Senate floor during the debt ceiling debate.

We Are Winning Our Great Country Back!!!!!!!

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WH lies about Operation Gunrunner.

William Newell, the former ATF special agent in charge of the Phoenix field office, told the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee that he communicated with Kevin O’Reilly, a staffer on President Obama’s National Security Council, about Operation Fast and Furious in September 2010.

We Are Winning Our Great Country Back!!!!!!!!!!

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Eat the Rich

Is America really broke? Michael Moore (and others) tells us that there are oceans of cash being hoarded by the wealthy. But Iowahawk (iowahawk.typepad.com) did a little addition, and armed with these statistics Bill and the ‘Hawk blow a hole in the “hoarding” lie big enough to fit a documentary filmmaker through.

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